General terms and conditions of sale

By purchasing on Benevent Planner you agree to all the following conditions. These conditions govern the relationship between Elena Bongiorno, resident in Via Cinque Giornate in Como, P. iva 03811960131, e-mail: , owner of the site , and the buyer who will purchase one or more products on this site.
In the following conditions I will be named “Benevent Planner” and you will be named “Customer”.

In the Benevent Planner shop you can buy courses, tools and practical guides for wedding industry professionals.
The products on Benevent Planner are digital.
With the purchase of digital products, there is no shipping. Digital products will be downloadable only after payment is made online via Paypal. The customer, after making the payment, receives an email with the order summary and links to download the products purchased.
The customer can choose one or more products from the shop and put them in the shopping cart. As soon as he has finished, he can access his shopping cart by clicking on the “shopping cart” icon at the top right and proceed with the payment.
To make the payment you will need to click on the appropriate button, which will redirect the customer to the Paypal site.
At this point you will need to register or log in to Paypal.
After the payment you will receive an email with the order summary and links to access the downloads.
By making a purchase on the Benevent Planner site, the Customer accepts the Terms of Sale.
The only payment method accepted on Benevent Planner is Paypal. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to take advantage of the service, you can just register a Paypal account to which you can connect your credit card or recharge it.
FOR DIGITAL PRODUCTS: The customer, by purchasing digital products on Benevent Planner, waives the right of withdrawal, as provided for in Article 59, letter o) of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005)
5. COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP In compliance with the provisions of Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and additions, the supply of the services/products described does not imply for the Customer the ownership of the materials produced by the Supplier, but the assignment of a right of use in accordance with the terms indicated in the article “License Terms” of this contract. What is produced by the Supplier is its exclusive property and is protected nationally and internationally by copyright and other intellectual property rights.
This means that the Customer may not sell or distribute in any way the products purchased on Benevent Planner, neither passing them off as his own nor as a reseller of Benevent Planner.
6. INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA The personal data requested and collected by Benevent Planner are governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and subsequent additions and amendments.